Privacy Policy

Terms of Use 

 LLP “Caribbean Hotels”, the holder of trade mark “Profi.Do” (hereinafter – the  Company) provides a service that helps clients and professionals meet. We call  everything that ensures and maintains the operation of the service products. 

You agree to the terms of use (hereinafter – Terms) if you use the service and any  other product of the company. If you do not agree with the Terms, you must stop using  the company’s products. 

The Company has the right to revise the Terms at any time without prior notice,  as well as transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under these Terms to any  third party. 


The company does not provide services for your orders, is not an employer of  specialists (or craftsmen) and is not responsible for the result of their work. The company does not guarantee: 

– the relevance of information about the company’s products, goods and services of  third parties; 

– compensation for damage from the consequences of using the company’s products; – uninterrupted and error-free operation of the company’s products. 

Registration on the mobile application 

In order for you to use the service, an account is created where contact and order  information is stored. When registering, you leave personal data: name, phone number,  e-mail address (if any) and the address at which the service will be provided. You can delete your account at any time. 

The security of your data 

We strongly recommend that you do not share your account password with  strangers and do not use it on other sites. You agree to promptly notify the company in cases when: 

– someone has gained access to your account; 

– actions are performed in your account, for example, orders are created or  correspondence is being conducted, about which you do not know anything. A company can show specialists data about customers: your rating, number of  reviews, date of account creation, photo, the fact of the presence of social networks  (without specification and links). 

Companies will also be available to view chats with specialists, as well as record  your phone calls with the company. The company has the right at any time and without  giving any reason to deny access to information or delete your account. If you want to  learn more about the features of protecting your data, you can read the privacy policy  (below). 

The company has the right to provide your data in the following cases: – received a request from law enforcement, judicial, legal and other government  agencies; 

– the company received information about possible illegal actions; 

– in other cases within the framework of the legislation applicable to the parties. 

Use of company materials 

The use of information is permitted subject to compliance with the legislation of  the Dominican Republic, as well as international law. 

It is prohibited: 

– extracting any data from the site (parsing); 

– use of company materials in the context of the visibility of cooperation; – using the means of individualization of the company (brand name, trademarks and  others) for advertising purposes, monetization of any projects, demonstration of  cooperation experience and examples of work without the written consent of the  company.

Applicable right 

The conditions, as well as any legal relationship associated with the use of the  company’s products, are governed by the laws of the Dominican Republic, as well as  international law. 

Personal data protection policy 

This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to all Users of information systems and websites (Products) of the Company. Additional rules on the protection of personal  data may apply to certain categories of Users (for example, Specialists or Masters). 

Users expressly agree to the processing of their personal data as described in this  Policy. Processing means any operation with personal data, regardless of the means  and procedure used, in particular the collection, recording, systematization,  accumulation, storage, clarification, updating, modification and extraction of personal  data, as well as their use, transfer, distribution, provision, access, depersonalization ,  blocking, deletion and destruction. 

The service is provided by the PROFI.DO application, subsidiaries,  concessionaires, contractors and licensees (related companies). The company is a data  controller, is responsible for the purposes of processing personal data of Users and can  transfer personal data or entrust their processing to any of the related companies. 

Collection of personal data 

The Company, offering its Products, needs information about the communication  details of the Users. At the same time, the Company asks the User for a minimum  amount of this information in order to keep in touch with the client:

• Username; 

• mobile phone; 

• E-mail address. 

During the processing of orders, the Company may collect and store the following  personal information, including personal data:

• address and other contact information (depending on the Products used), when  paying through the service – financial information such as credit card and bank account  numbers; 

• messages sent using the Products and messages sent to the Company;

• other information about the interaction of the User with the information systems  of the Company and its partners, the results of collecting statistics of visits to the  Company’s websites and publicly available information about the programs and devices  used for such access, including data on the user’s geolocation or IP-address;

• additional information that the Company requests from Users to verify their  identity (for example, for the certification of Specialists, the Company may ask the  Specialist to send copies of an identity card, education documents or other relevant  documents to confirm the identity and professional information about the Specialist). 


The main goal of the Company when collecting personal data is to provide Users  with safe and effective Products. Users agree that the Company may also use their  personal data to: 

• provision of services and customer support at the request of Users;

• execution of agreements with Users; 

• resolving disputes, collecting feedback and troubleshooting;

• individual customization, analysis and improvement of services, content and  advertising of Products; 

• informing Users about Products, targeted marketing, service updates and  advertising offers based on the informational preferences of Users;

• sending individual marketing messages via e-mail and SMS (which Users can opt  out of at any time by changing their information preferences); 

• comparison of personal data to confirm their accuracy and check them by third  parties in cases stipulated by law. 


The Company does not sell or provide personal data of Users to third parties for marketing purposes not provided for by the Terms of Use, without the express consent  of Users. The company may combine anonymized data with other information received  from third parties and use it to improve and personalize services, content and  advertising. 

The Company may also provide personal data of Users: 

• service providers who provide contractual assistance in the provision of Products  (eg, fraud investigations, collection of payments, customer service, consultant services);

• to third parties to whom Users directly ask the Company to send their personal  data (or about which Users are directly notified in another way and agree when using  special services); 

• law enforcement agencies, other state bodies or third parties in response to a  request for information in the framework of criminal investigations, other illegal  activities or any activity that may lead to the prosecution of the Company or its Users. 

Without limiting the foregoing, trying to respect the personal information of Users,  the Company will not provide personal data to any persons, including authorized state  bodies, without a request drawn up in strict accordance with the law. 


The company may use cookies and web beacons to help analyze information flow,  customize services, content and advertisements, as well as measure website  performance and ensure reliability and security, for market research, tracking income,  as well as to improve the functionality of websites, monitor compliance with  these terms, protect legal rights and interests. 

Despite the fact that cookies are depersonalized, Users can always refuse to save them,  since this function is determined by the settings of the User’s browser. 


The personal data of Users are stored in the information systems of the Company  and are stored in various ways (encryption, passwords, restricting access of related 

companies, employees and contractors, physical security, etc.) to protect the personal  data of Users from unauthorized access and disclosure. 

Information systems of the Company’s websites that collect, record, systematize,  accumulate, store, clarify, update, modify and retrieve the personal data of Users can  be located anywhere in the world; during the initial registration of Users and updating  of personal data, cross-border transfer of personal data is not carried out, in  exceptional cases it is replaced by means of remote access for manual processing, or, if  such a transfer is necessary in connection with the laws of the respective countries of  location of the Users, it is carried out in accordance with the Council of Europe  Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of  Personal Data. 

Use, transfer, distribution, provision, access, depersonalization, blocking, deletion  and destruction of personal data of Users are carried out only on the basis of decisions  of authorized representatives of the Company in accordance with the requirements of  applicable law and the legitimate interests of Users. 

The Company does not make decisions affecting the rights and legitimate interests of  Users on the basis of exclusively automated processing of personal data, except for the  cases of providing information based on the results of a request made by the User  himself using the interface of automated systems. 

When making legally significant decisions, interacting with third-party Users at the  request of the Company, in pursuance of agreements with Users or at the request of  Users, non-automated processing of personal data is carried out in the amount due to  the purposes of such interaction, and in compliance with the security requirements of  other data not affected by the processing. 

Third parties 

Unless otherwise expressly stated in this Policy, this document concerns only  the use by the Company of personal data provided by Users. If Users disclose their  personal data to others (for example, upon request from Professionals or third-party  agents), then different rules may apply to such use and disclosure of personal data. The  Company advises Users to clarify the purposes of use before providing their personal  data to others.


The company is constantly improving the methods of collecting, storing and  processing data, including security measures. In this regard, as well as in cases of  changes in the legislation on personal data, the Company may at any time change this  Policy by notifying the Users on the Company’s websites. Continued use of the Products  after such changes have been made confirms the User’s consent to such changes,  unless obtaining separate consent is required by law. 

Statement of consent to the processing of the information provided 

The company takes all reasonable measures to protect the provided data from  destruction, distortion or disclosure. 

The person (data subject) providing the data consents and, in the case of  providing data about third parties, guarantees that this consent is obtained from the  persons (data subjects) whose data are provided to the Company for processing, i.e. carrying out any actions (operations) with the provided data, including collection,  systematization, accumulation, indefinite storage, updating, modification, use,  depersonalization, blocking, destruction, processing on paper and / or by entering data  into an electronic database, i.e. including using automation tools, in order to provide  access to the Company’s Products, manage and improve the Products, inform about  Products and other information on behalf of the Company, as well as protect the  interests of the Company and for other purposes not prohibited by the legislation  applicable to the parties and / or agreed with the Data Provider. 

At the same time, in case that any information is sent to the address of the  person who provided the data and / or the persons whose data was provided, the  Company reserves the right to choose any channels for transmitting this information, as  well as any methods of fixing the fact of transferring information and the content of the  transmitted information. 

The person transferring the data agrees with the provision of the transferred  information to the Company to third parties, including persons who support the services  and services of the Company, to the extent necessary for the implementation of such support, and / or companies belonging to the group of companies and / or other  persons ; rights and obligations to access the relevant information are established by  the current legislation applicable to the legal relationship of the parties. 

The consent of the data subject to the processing of the provided data, expressed  in this Statement of Consent, is valid indefinitely and can be revoked by the data  subject at any time by written request. 

The company undertakes, within a reasonable time, to stop processing the provided  data after receiving the relevant request from the data subject, drawn up in writing in  accordance with the current legislation applicable to the legal relationship of the parties.